Who is BridgePerspective?


Serena is from Pittsburgh. Bobby is from Johnstown. Together we will bring your wedding dreams to life! We love traveling, but there is something about those cookie tables and PA family traditions that really hold a soft spot in our hearts. “BridgePerspective” is obviously a play off our last name, but also gives homage to the City of Bridges and the perspective we each bring to your big day.  We’ve got an “opposites attract” thing going on and it works perfectly for film and photography.


We are a husband-wife team who specializes in cinematic and documentary style videography. We pride ourselves on providing a perfect mix of romantic, candid, intimate, and feel good moments throughout each film so there is never a lull in the action. Our goal is to make you laugh AND cry as you relive your wedding day over and over again. 


One thing you’ll notice about us is we have the unique ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable while also getting stuff done! We love candid moments and you’ll probably forget we are even there. Our style can be described as light, feel-good, upbeat, and dreamy. We can vibe with almost anyone so check out our work and see if we match your style and vision!


We absolutely love sharing our weekends traveling, meeting new people, and working closely with lovebirds on a regular basis. On our off days you might catch us at a concert, floating down the river, or sitting around a fire with our friends, family, and pups. We’d love to get to know you (we are suckers for the “how we met” story) so feel free to reach out to us on our social media pages, email, or like they use to do back in the 90’s…give us a call!

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